Help Your Team Discover Their Why

Help! The number one question I get…

…when I help leaders build their direct sales and network marketing teams is “How can I help my team more?”

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Normally it is not a matter of technical skill that needs to be taught. That might surprise you, as the number one question your team is asking you is “How do I do this?”

This is how I know this statement to be true. A new person can join your team and be the overnight super star. They didn’t have more technical training than anyone else. In fact, they probably had less.

It is important to remind your team that if they are willing to do the work now that most people won’t, down the line, they will be able to live the life that most people can’t. This might mean early mornings, late nights and not much time for anything else – for a while.

So it is isn’t technical skill that keeps people from succeeding or not.  I believe it is digging into the why that makes you cry.  If you have a purpose that you feel so passionate about that it brings you to tears, then your ventures will align with it.

For me, remembering my why is what keeps me positive and focused on even the longest days when I’m ready to throw in the towel.  There are days when I am not raring to go and take it slower or easier than normal but usually the WHY dusts me back off and puts me on my way again.

Here are three good things you can do yourself and with your team to discover this deep, moving WHY.

  1. Ask yourself (or your teammate) what you/they are most interested in.
  2. Give some thought on how you/they want to be remembered.
  3. Then do something to connect you/them to that passion.

Focusing on your why will enable you to overcome the emotional roller coaster of the ups and downs you’ll experience in this business.


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