Recruit Up in Network Marketing!

So, you have started a networking marketing career. Now what? As with all business, you need to expand!! It is tempting to recruit people that look like they “need” the opportunity. Is this strategy really going to expand your business?


Think about this: you are at a gas station pumping gas into your vehicle. Person A pulls up at the pump next to you in a beat up car that is at least twenty years old and looks like it is about to break down at any given moment.

Now, in the next pump over, Person B pulls up in a new BMW.

Who would you approach to tell about your business because you want them to join you? Which person is the most likely to be interested?

Often times, we will say “Well, Person A needs a change. They need what I have available.” But chances are, that person will not have the funds to invest into the business or even the funds to invest into the product. Now you would have someone that is eager about the business that is not able to do anything with the business. Productive?

However, Person B probably DOES have the finances to invest into the business, the products, and probably understands business in a way that has already made them successful.

Now, if you put the people on a 1 – 10 scale, in terms of business sharpness / savvy, how would you rate Person A and Person B? Person A MIGHT be a 6 meanwhile Person B is a 9 or 10. For this example, we will say that you are an 8 (you did start this adventure after all!)

If you are an 8 and you recruit down to a 6, that means your 6 will recruit down as well (if and when they do. Remember, people follow the example of their leaders.) Your 6 will now recruit  a few 6’s, 4’s and 3’s. Is this going to make your networking marketing business a success or bring you to a quick halt?

On the flip side, if you recruit the 9 / 10, then they will recruit people in the 8-10 range. After all, birds of the same feather flock together. Business savvy people develop those around them in the same fashion. These types of people will develop strong leaders and go-getters. This is how you can get your business to exponentially explode. This will start with a few key leaders.  

Do not let the fear of approaching the 10 be the reason your network marketing business does not flourish; that is simply a fear of succeeding.


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Much Success!

Have an outstanding day!!


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