Professional Growth

Professional Development goes hand in hand with success in Network Marketing or any Home Based Business.


Feeding your well being, mentally and emotionally, will consist of a combination of 3 strategies:

1 Coaching / Mentoring

2 Listening to CD’s/DVD’s or reading books


3 Attending personal development seminars.





1.  Magic of NLP Demystified: A Pragmatic Guide to Communication and

Change, by Byron A. Lewis, Frank Pucelik

2.  NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, by Steve Andreas, Charles


3.  Using Your Brain: For a Change, Richard Bandler

4.  Change Your Mind–and Keep the Change, by Steve Andreas, Connie Rae


5.  Training With NLP, by Joseph O’Connor, John Seymour

6.  Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming, by Richard Bandler, John


7.  Reframing and Trance-formations, by Richard Bandler, John Grinder



1.  Learned Optimism, by Martin Seligman

2.  What You Can Change and What You Can’t: The Complete Guide to

Successful Self-Improvement Learning to Accept Who You Are, by Martin


3.  Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your

Potential for Lasting Fulfillment, by Martin Seligman

4.  Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want, by Barbara Sher, Annie


5.  Changing Minds: The Art and Science of Changing Our Own and Other

People’s Minds, by Howard Gardner

6.  Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

7.  If You Want to Be Rich & Happy: Don’t Go to School?: Ensuring Lifetime

Security for Yourself and Your Children, by Robert T. Kiyosaki

8.  Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, by David R.


9.  You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, by Peter McWilliams



1.  The Leadership Challenge, by James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner

2.  Developing The Leader Within You, by John C. Maxwell

3.  Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership, by Howard Gardner, Emma



4.  Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman




1.  Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert B. Cialdini

2.  Artful Persuasion: How to Command Attention, Change Minds, and

Influence People, by Harry Mills

3.  The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, by

Malcolm Gladwell

4.  Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, by Malcolm Gladwell

5.  Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life: Create Your Life, Your

Relationships, and Your World in Harmony with Your Values, by Marshall

B. Rosenberg

6.  The Solutions Focus: The S.I.M.P.L.E Way to Positive Change, by Paul Z.

Jackson, Mark McKergow



1.  The Next Step to Greater Energy, by Dr. Jack Tips

2.  The Pro-Vita! Plan: Your Foundation for Optimal Nutrition, by Dr. Jack Tips

3.  Your Liver Your Lifeline: Insights on Health Based on the Liver Triad, by

Jack Tips

4.  The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health, by Robert O.

Young, Shelley Redford Young

5.  Beyond the 120 Year Diet: How to Double Your Vital Years, by Roy L., M.D.


6.  Raw Perfection, by Mike Nash

7.  The Biology of Success, by Bob Arnot

8.  Fit for Life, by Harvey Diamond, Marilyn Diamond

9.  Living Health, by Harvey Diamond, Marilyn Diamond

10. Food As Medicine: How to Use Diet, Vitamins, Juices, and Herbs for a

Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life, by Dharma Singh Khals